Weekly Psychedelic News – Week 4, 2023

Learn about new bills supporting the research grants and recent studies offering promising results for psychedelics for depression and the future of wearable tools that will help simplify brain activity tracking during psychedelic administration.

Cybin reports positive results from study on psychedelics’ impact on brain

Source: ir.cybin.com

Cybin Kernel Flow® wearable
Cybin Kernel Flow® wearable. Image source: ir.cybin.com

Cybin, of the biggest biopharmaceutical companies in psychedelic research, announced that the study on conducted with its partner (Kernel) show promising results.

The study is not focused on psychedelics trials but on the role of wearable technology that simplifies the measurement of neural activity and changes in brain biomarkers during the psychedelic experiences.

“The results from the feasibility study are very promising and provide further insights into the potential of this cutting-edge wearable technology to quantify neural activity and changes in brain biomarkers during the administration of psychedelics,”

Doug Drysdale, Chief Executive Officer of Cybin

Few of the key findings of the study were:

  • Provided important proof-of-principle for Kernel Flow as a portable functional system that provides real-time measurements of blood oxygenation changes in the brain associated with neural activity using Time Domain Near Infrared Spectroscopy (“TD-fNIRS”).
  • Demonstrated ketamine-induced changes to functional brain biomarkers associated with potential therapeutic effects, including alterations in cortical function associated with psychedelic experiences.
  • Ketamine led to a brain-wide reduction in the fractional amplitude of low frequency fluctuations (“fALFF”) and a decrease in the global brain connectivity of the prefrontal region compared to saline. It has been suggested that fALFF is of particular functional importance within the default mode network, which has been shown to be modulated by psychedelics and is associated with a range of neuropsychiatric conditions.

Check information on all the findings and study design.

A Proposed Bill in Arizona Would Provide Grants for Magic Mushroom Trials

Source: Bipartisan bill aims to use ‘magic mushrooms’ to help veterans

According to a report in the Arizona Mirror, a bill that has received support from both Republican and Democrat lawmakers, aims to allocate $30 million over a three-year period towards clinical trials exploring the use of whole mushroom psilocybin in the treatment of mental health conditions such as depression and PTSD. This bill is a significant step towards funding research on the potential benefits of using psilocybin in mental health treatment.

Last week we have seen similar legislation submitted in Missouri by Rep. Tony Lovasco. Although it’s focused on legalizing psilocybin therapy, it is another example of legislators in the United States taking steps to change laws around psychedelics amid pervasive mental health crises.

Small Pharma Reports Positive Results from Phase IIa DMT Trial

Source: biospace.com

A new study involving 34 patients has yielded remarkable results for the treatment of depression using DMT. Perhaps most striking is the statistic that, after receiving a single dose of DMT in combination with preparation and integration therapy, more than half of the patients (57%) achieved remission from their depression symptoms within three months.

The Phase 2a trial conducted by Small Pharma was divided into two segments. Participants were divided into two groups, one receiving an intravenous dose of DMT, and the other receiving a placebo. Both groups underwent preparatory therapy prior to the administration of the DMT or placebo, and integration therapy following the completion of the trial. The entire process lasted between one hour and 45 minutes to two and a half hours. The study didn’t include any therapy provided during the psychedelic session.

Psyence and Eden Labs Announce Extraction and Product Development Collaboration

Source: Psyence Group Inc.

Psyence, a biotechnology company known for its work in the use of natural psychedelics for mental health and well-being, announced that it has entered into a partnership with Eden Labs LLC. Eden Labs is a product development and extraction technology company that specializes in the extraction of psilocybin-yielding mushrooms.

The partnership includes a Global IP Licensing Agreement that will allow Psyence to use extraction technology and formulation IP developed by Eden Labs for the production of a water-soluble, doseable, stabilized psilocybin powder that is derived from the fruiting bodies of psilocybin-yielding mushrooms grown and processed at Psyence’s federally licensed certified facility in Southern Africa.

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